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Web Design Capabilities

An Effective Site, Not Just Pages

A Web site is not just "a bunch of Web pages."  A Web site is a collection of Web pages, pictures, programming, presentation material and interactive tools that work together to accomplish the goal for which it is designed (such as product marketing). When the project is complete, you will receive a well-organized site that your customers will be able to use and assimilate easily.

Designing Your Pages with HTML

HTML is the scripting language used to program a Web page. We use html editors such as Microsoft Frontpage 2000 to set up the base layout of the Web sites we design. Most of our designs go beyond the html capabilities of most html editors. Therefore, our programmers know html so that once the basics are done with the html editor program, we then can make changes in the scripting to achieve the final result -- an effective page designed to accomplish your goals.

Pictures to the Point

Do you need custom logo or artwork designed?  Do you need pictures altered or blemishes removed?  Whether you would like to choose from our extensive graphics library (thousands of photos and clipart images) or you need custom graphic design work, USCNi can provide what you need. Our staff can also scan in your logo or any other graphics you like. Our graphic artists have professional experience ranging from designing page layouts for brochures to painting scenes and sets for major studio productions. We can customize your graphics, or design them from scratch. We can also produce panoramic pictures that scroll left and right. For more information, please see Graphic Design.


USCNi has staff to provide streaming video, streaming audio, or both for your Web site. Tools/Formats include: RealMedia (RealAudio, RealVideo), Flash, Macromedia Director/Shockwave, Quicktime, 3D Studio Max, MP3 and Windows Media Player. For more information, please see Multimedia. Do you need multimedia imagery prepared for a presentation, publication or advertisement? The members of USCNi's graphic design staff have over a decade of experience designing custom artwork, preparing multimedia materials, and making imperfect pictures picture perfect. USCNi has developed Kiosks and CD-ROMs as well as Shockwave and Flash applications for Web sites. We can convert your material to RealMedia (Real Audio sample/Real Video), Windows Streaming Media, and MP3. The bottom line is that whether you need a unique eye-catching site or a sleek professional site or a combination of the two, we can deliver.

Using Forms

Forms allow visitors to your Web site to do many things such as providing you with more information about themselves, ordering products, initiate specific searches, or provide comments. USCNi has a library of standard forms from which you can choose. In some cases you may need a form designed specifically for your business. Our programming staff can customize a standard form or design the form you need from scratch.

Database Programming

Database programming is a necessity on the Web. It is used for managing catalogs of products as well as all types of information for very large sites. Databases make it possible to update your whole site from one place. USCNi understands database programming in the virtual and real worlds making it possible to use your existing databases (and possibly your programs) or to custom design databases and associated tools for your use in your Internet or real-world business. For examples, please see our portfolio.

Shopping Carts

There are many shopping carts on the market. The issue is matching the shopping cart to the needs of your site. Our standard shopping cart is included in our E-commerce Package. However, we can work with the shopping cart that you prefer, or we can program a completely customized shopping cart for you. More information about our basic shopping cart is included on our hosting site. To have a customer cart programmed, please contact us at 1-888-999-8726.


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