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NOTE: We have a web site set up specifically about our hosting services: We also offer a shopping carts through our service that we offer. When you click the links below, they will take you to the appropriate page on the site that contains the information that you need. It's all the same company. We just have more than one site for our services.


USCNi offers a full range of e-commerce services. Our turnkey e-commerce package may be modified to fit your Web design needs.  Our turnkey Package includes hosting and an easy-to-use shopping cart in which you can feature hundreds of products or services in a professional design. You can add live credit card processing to this package if needed. Click here for more info.

Credit Card Processing

Any business needs to be able to process credit cards in order to avoid losing sales. On the Internet, credit cards are the major payment method. Processing credit cards requires two elements.

  1. Transaction Gateway: The transaction gateway provides secure processing of the customer's credit card information in real time via the internet. The information is validated and authorization is returned to the merchant site securely and in real-time.
  2. Merchant Account: The Merchant Account is the mechanism by which a business (the merchant) accepts payment by credit card.  The merchant is issued a number to identify all of the merchant's transactions and to have the funds from those transactions deposited into the business checking account of the merchant.

Always working to provide better tools

We constantly look for new and innovative ways to help our clients. For example, we will soon release Cart Manager 3.0.  This program is a Microsoft Access-based application that allows users to quickly work with their own inventory and then update their shopping cart with just a few clicks.

Let us serve you

  • If you do not have a Web site, please see our Turnkey E-Commerce Solution information.
  • If you already have a web site and only wish to add a shopping cart, see our service. You do not have to host with USCNi in order to use our service.
  • If you need more information, please use our Contact Form or call toll free 1-888-999-8726.



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