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Graphic Design

Successful sites need eye-catching graphics to attract visitors, increased user interactivity to keep people coming back, and sometimes multimedia to present information quickly and effectively. They must be exciting to get referrals and the attention of the media.   USCNi's graphic design staff and affiliates can help your site or project to stand out with excellence.  Here are some of the areas where we can help.

Graphic Design

Do you need custom logo or artwork designed?  Do you need pictures altered or blemishes removed?  Do you need images prepared for a presentation, publication or advertisement? Whether you need a large number of images sized and prepared for your Web site (see Gary Heatherly Online Gallery) or just a simple cleanup (see photo below), USCNi can help.

Can you tell which of these pictures used to have
phone lines running in front of the building?

USCNi's graphic design staff has over a decade of experience designing custom artwork and making imperfect pictures "picture-perfect." When you couple this experience and skill with Web site design, you get a professional-looking site that is appealing to your visitors.

Audio and Video

Streaming Audio and Video allows your visitors to listen to your audio clip (music, speaking, etc.) or watch your video clip as it downloads rather than having to download the whole file first.  This functionality can greatly enhance your site. We have used these technologies to enhance web-based audio and video for companies in the recording industry. We can convert your material to RealMedia (Real Audio sample/Real Video), Windows Streaming Media, and MP3.  We also offer Flash which is just a little bit different (see below).  If you'd like to learn more about what is available to you, email or click here to see Multimedia where you will also find examples of our work.

The Fancy Stuff (Flash, Shockwave, and more)

Are you developing for Kiosks? How about CD-ROM software? Would you like to add fun and focus to your Web site? Then you definitely need our Multimedia Services. USCNi has developed for Kiosks and CD-ROMs implemented Shockwave and Flash applications for Web sites as well as created standalone applications. Click here to see Multimedia where you will also find examples of our work.

Flash allows you to offer animations, presentations, and much more.  It allows visitors to quickly view and interact with your Web site. Best of all, Flash can make your Web site stand out as completely unique. Shockwave, on the other hand, is Flash's big brother.  It is used for fantastic interactive Web sites with online entertainment, interactive product demonstration, online learning applications and powerful multimedia presentations.

Through our own staff and relationships with trusted companies, USCNi can help you from beginning to end with your multimedia project.  Email or call 1-888-WWW-USCN (999-8726) for more information.


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