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NEWS BULLETIN: USCNi now offers search engine rank reports whether you use our search engine positioning or not. Click here to get more information about the reports.

Do you want to turn your Web pages into a great Web site that attracts large numbers of visitors?  Selling on the Internet requires marketing just like promoting any other enterprise. Exposure to a wide audience is a necessity for any Web site, and this is where search engine results are critical. You must market your site!  There is no trick to Internet advertising.

A Word about Search Engines

Search engines are a primary way for people to find your business Web site. People type in the product or service for which they're looking, along with a few other key words to narrow the search, and a list of business Web sites are displayed. However, since these search engines look for businesses world-wide, and each one uses different criteria to determine which Web sites to display, it is important to know how they work and how most people use them.

Marketing Included when we Design your Site

Site optimization for search engines. Our staff members review multiple sources of information about search engine methodologies. They stay up-to-date on current methods so that they can program the most effective site for you. We make sure that each page is designed to score well in search engines.  

Search Engine registration. Your Web page will be registered with the 13 primary search engines.

Aggressive Marketing Program ("AMP")

If you are not using our AMP program you don't have all the visitors you can get!  USCNi's Aggressive Marketing Program, "AMP" for short, is designed to maximize the potential for a Web site to attract visitors. Our AMP program is one of a kind. USCNi's Aggressive Marketing Program has brought great results to those who have utilized it.  Services include:

  • Search Engine Positioning Services
    We register your site in the 21 primary search engines and monitor your placement in them to keep your Web site appearing near the top of the listings. We also mass submit your site to 5000-7000 other minor search engines, directories, and free-for-all pages across the Internet. You also receive a copy of the same reports we do so you can monitor your progress.
  • Link Negotiations
    Sometimes building a library of links centered around a particular topic is the best way to attract and keep people coming back to your site.  Through our link negotiation program, we will build the list of links AND work to get other sites linking back to you!
  • FREE Banner Ads
    We suggest, design, and facilitate placement of free advertising banners that promote your site across the Internet.
  • E-mailing list
    We set up and help you get started with an email mailing list (called a newslist) -- one of the best ways to keep customers coming back to your site.

These are just some of the ways our AMP program can help your Web site draw more visitors.  AMP sessions can be purchased individually or we can put together an Internet Marketing Campaign for you.  For more information email or call toll free: 1-888-WWW-USCN.



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